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Flowers in bloom

Crochet flowers

It must be said that I am not the most coordinated of individuals. My throwing and catching skills are such that when someone tosses me an object and I actually catch it I exclaim in shock and awe, “Did you see that? Did you? I caught it!!!” I’m constantly discovering little bruises from running into furniture and last time I went ice skating, I thought I had got the hang of it and roughly 8 seconds later landed flat on my back, giving my skull a good whack on the ice in the process.

This means that sometimes the kitchen is a bit of a dangerous place for me. I currently have some scars developing from a) burning myself on an oven tray and b) stabbing myself on a mandolin slicer. Whenever I grab a big knife to remove an avocado pip, Mr WM stops what he’s doing and tentatively asks, “Would you like me to do that?” I usually refuse and although I haven’t chopped my hand off yet, there have been a few close calls.

While my crochet stitching speed (CPM if you will) has definitely increased with practice, it has suffered a marked decline this week as we have been burning the midnight oil at work preparing for a presentation. Upsides include some pretty quality expensed dinners and being driven home by my lovely taxi driver instead of having to take the train. Downsides include said dinner usually being kind of cold, only going home to sleep (and therefore barely seeing Mr WM!) and missing out on half my daily crochet time! I’m down to the morning train trip only at the moment but on top of that I think my productivity has declined c.50%.

Anyway, I’ve been working on a new blanket featuring a puffed flower pattern from Millie Makes. It’s a really easy pattern and uses basic stitches to create a pretty puffed square.

Flower squares

Flower squares

The petals are made by stitching 5 DCs and then effectively joining the first and last stitch to pinch the back together. Super easy and super cute! They are very quick to make – about 15 minutes for the flower and another 5 or so to do the border – so unless you are sleep deprived like I have been these week, they usually just fly off the hook. I’ve been making three flowers or 4-5 borders per trip.

Lots of flowers... lots more to go!

Lots of flowers… lots more to go!

I’m using Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 8ply in a range of pinks – from purpley to orangey and everything in between – along with this yellow. BWM’s 200g balls are particularly convenient for this pattern; since there is only the one colour change in each block, as you can easily work on one colour at a time. I ordered one ball each in all of my chosen colours and have been working up as many flowers as I can from it. Each yields about 30 flowers to which the borders can then be added; I suspect each ball of white should border about 60 flowers but am yet to find out!

With the yellow blocks complete but for a final weaving in ends (blegh), I have moved onto this coral pink. I’ve done about 11 so far so not even halfway through yet… and then there’s borders, another 4 colours, joining, edging… so still a long way to go!

Coral flowers

Coral flowers

As the end of the week rolled around, I finally got some time to sit down and choose colours for the starburst baby blanket. I will have to order most of them but happily I already had some yellow so I got started on the first square last night.

Starburst block

Starburst block

I love love love this pattern – it’s simple and modern and produces a square that has some weight to it but is still soft and pliable. Sara from Creative Jewish Mom shared this pattern for free – can I just say how much I love all the people willing to freely share patterns? It’s awesome!

Anyway like most patterns, it took me a couple of tries to get it right, which I think is more a reflection of variations in tension than any difficulty in the pattern itself. It’s very straightforward and again these only take 15-20 minutes or so per block. Even better – each block is only one colour so cuts down on the ends that need weaving in! (YES!!) My mum is particularly pleased that Bec chose this pattern for her blanket, as she wants a blanket in the same pattern so she figures by the time I get around to that I will be an expert.

I do think the first block looks pretty good already though… if I do say so myself!



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  1. I really like these patterns 🙂

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